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The Future of Outdoor Advertising against Digital Advertising / Marketing

Outdoor advertising is going through rapid changes. The previous advertising format has gone through significant changes such as mobile convergence, data sources are constantly modifying industry perception, and new developments occurring in the digital platforms. In future, there is bound to be an increase in the existing number of the new-era digital screens because of two factors such as lower costs involved in the production of LED screens and changes in city government legislation. We are moving progressively from purchasing to actually innovating within the existing spaces and also interacting within and with existing spaces. As we are innovating, we find that outdoor advertising is becoming more challenging with the integration of the advanced digital technologies. An outdoor advertising agency must stay abreast with the latest and modify its techniques with the changes.

Outdoor advertising or out of home location-marketing is going through an exciting phase. We all are aware that outdoor marketing is at the initial stage of a revolution which is about to transform it completely. Outdoor advertising is the last conventional media that is to be disrupted. You must understand that there are basically three macro forces responsible for this outcome. They are consumer media habits, technological advancements, and advertiser demands.

Consumer Media Habits

The way consumers use media has actually gone through a total transformation. As such, advertising agencies are also modifying their approach to media for surviving in future against the digital advertising onslaught.Advertisers have to rethink their video strategy. They should not think in terms of TV only anymore. Consumers are expecting content to be versatile enough to be viewed anytime during the day on multiple devices. Consumers have switched over to online music streaming so clever advertisers would be considering a truly holistic audio approach.Previously, consumers used to look out of the cars or buses while travelling out of home but today they are glued to their mobile screens whenever they are out of their homes or travelling. The convergence of outdoor advertising and mobile would be offering a chance to utilize mobile data for planning, buying, activating, and measuring media. We should actually rethink about outdoor advertising via the lenses of location marketing technique which would be incorporating mobile.

Advertiser Demands

With ever-changing consumer habits, ad blockers, increased competition, and a rise in ad-free subscriptions, more is expected from media by the brands.Outdoor advertising could survive only when you discover more ways of standing out in a fully crowded landscape. The best advertising agency in India needs to explore more data techniques for understanding where and who the audience actually is. You need to locate more ways of integrating media channels.Outdoor advertising would cease to be relevant in the media landscape in future if it is unable to embrace these expectations.

Technological Advancements

Technological advancement is taking place at a phenomenal pace. Smartphones have completely revolutionized our lives. The latest smartphones come with fingerprint technology, faster processors and retina scanning. In the near future, we would be witnessing inbuilt projectors, advanced voice control, 3D screens and augmented reality.  The possibilities involving outdoor advertising integration are endless and advertising agencies and creative agencies must exploit those possibilities.

There are increasing possibilities of using digital media for connecting and telling a story. All major out of home media owners are taking steps for deploying smart screens that are embedded with interactivity and sensors. There is bound to be more object-recognition in outdoor advertising. Exceptional technological advancements imply that there is room for rethinking the conventional boundaries and perceptions associated with outdoor advertising.


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